The birdlife at The Rest is spectacular and is best enjoyed from secluded bird hides that have been built at several of the picturesque watering holes around the estate, allowing nature-lovers to discretely watch the birds in their natural habitat. The Rest hosts several bird-watching events around the estate for residents. A sanctuary is being created to encourage more native bird species to return to the area and Estate management is focused on removing alien trees and introducing more indigenous plants to the area. As a Corporate Member of Birdlife SA, The Rest supports and works with Birdlife SA and the local bird watching association, which monitors and documents the dozens of species on the estate. More than 190 bird species have been sighted within the estate to date.

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Small antelope are prevalent at The Rest, such as Klipspringer, Steenbok, Bushbuck, Impala, grey and red Duiker. Sightings of Serval Cat, Caracal Cat and Porcupines have been recorded and there are abundant reptiles and insect species, which form part of the biodiversity and healthy ecology of The Rest.

The Rest Nature Trust

The Trust is also responsible for overseeing the removal of alien vegetation and non-indigenous trees and plants. The Trust recently introduced a small herd of Impala into the estate in order to establish a small, biodiverse natural habitat.

The Rest Nature Estate and its residents are proud supporters of Arbour Week and to date residents have purchased 1,500 indigenous trees for their gardens.  The efforts of both residents and estate management can be appreciated as the newly planted trees and shrubs flourish and contribute to The Rest Nature Estate being ‘the most beautiful and safest place to live in the Lowveld’!

Many of the species of indigenous trees that were planted were selected not only to improve the environment, but to attract more birdlife.